How to open a TenXTrade online trading account

1 min. readlast update: 08.05.2021
  1. Click on "Let's Trade Live". You will be rerouted to the TenXTrade account registration page.
  2. Complete the required details exactly as per your RSA ID documents or Passport and Proof Of Residence.
  3. You will then get access to the TenXTrade Portal.
  4. Get the following required FICA documentation ready:
    1. Valid RSA Identity Document or if Foereigner a current Passport
    2. Proof Of Residence (it can be any utility bill or bank statement):
      1. Not older than three months
      2. Documents must be clear.
      3. Contains company/provider's logo.
      4. Contains trading account holder details.
  5. Upload these documents in the TenXTrade Portal You may also email the required documentation to 
  6. Complete the "Questionnaire & Appropriateness Test" (Q&A Test) 
  7. Once all the required documentations are uploaded and the information provided be verified, will the FICA Department have your online trading account verfified.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you reside with someone else and the proof of address is not in your name, then the individual who has proof of address with must complete the Co-Habitation Form.

  1. You can download the Co-Habitation form here.
  2. Also obtain a valid RSA Identity Document or in the event of a Foreigner, obtain a current Passport.
  3. Upload these documents in the TenXTrade Portal
  4. You may also email additional required documentation to
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